A dazzling party doesn’t necessarily need to be over the top expensive, nor does it need to have the biggest & best of everything.
Honestly it is about captivating a memorable moment which your child will remember & talk about for a lifetime.

I have been apart of some of the most exquisite parties, & I have also been apart of some very little quaint parties, & I know that the children at all these parties, have had an absolute amazing time, so it is not about the size, or the dollars spent, but it’s about the special people who are there with them, & the environment that is created for them, so try & keep it stress free.

Here are a few things which I would suggest to think about

  • Search Party Planning lists on-line, they are full of many helpful hints
  • Does the birthday child cope well in large or small groups best?
  • Before sending out invites, ask your child’s closest friend/s if they are available on the date/s you have in mind
  • Find a good location for the party (somewhere safe, & weather proof),
  • Think about the attention span of the aged children attending your party, & make sure the activities & the environment are suited for them.
  • If you are booking entertainment, make sure you won’t be disapointed with whom/ what you choose. Do your research, ask your fiends if they can recommend anyone. you may even have a local community facebook page which you can put the question out there, & see what response you get. when speaking to your entertainer or the company, ask to see pics of the entertainer in the costume which they are going to wear to your party (if they wear costumes), also request to see pics of their work…… I have heard way too many not so good stories, so make sure you do your homework. When you have chosen who you want to book, run a few dates & time-frames via them, to check their availability.
  • Do you want group activity entertainment – like games, a show, craft activities, or would you like 1 on 1 activities, such as Face Painting, or yare you wanting to break the whole party package down & have abit of everything!
  • Decide on some suitable foods which will not generate hypped up children.
  • Hypoactive children can not control themselves, & sometimes their parents can not control them either. Serving good wholesome food, will result in a much happier , calming, environment.
  • Decide on a party theme that the birthday child likes, or takes an interest in.
  • If the birthday child is old enough, let them have some impute into helping decide on a few ideas for the party, eg: theme, cake, decorations (don’t give them control of the whole party, as they are not quiet old enough to cope with so many choices, & they can not understand the concepts, budgets, time & strategies which are needed to captivate everything, to get it looking good, & feeling complete to you.

Don’t hold ridiculous expectations upon yourself, & don’t be afraid to ask reliable family members or friends for help.

A lot of the organizing can feel unbelievably challenging, especially when you are still trying to lead a normal family life.
The extra stress can feel a little overwhelming, but I promise if you plan well enough ahead of time, & you stick to your budget, decide which area you are going to invest more money in, I’m sure your party will be sensational, & you will create the most amazing memories for your child to remember for ever. Isn’t that the main aim “creating amazing memories, which are remembered months, years or forever”.