Glitter Tattoos


Glitter Tattoos: Sparkle and Shine at Your Next Event

Experience the Magic of Glitter Tattoos: A Fun and Dazzling Way to Shine! Glitter tattoos are temporary works of art, created using stencils, body glue, and vibrant glitter. It’s a swift and straightforward process – the stencil adheres to your skin, followed by the glue, and then the enchanting glitter.

The result? Stunning, sparkling designs that can adorn your skin for days. With a diverse selection of designs, there’s something to please every guest!

Glitter Tattoo Pricing

Per Hour
$130 + GST
Glitter Tattoo Party Package - view inclusions
From $250

Public Holiday & Special Day surcharges apply - please contact me for these charges.

How The Glitter Tattoos Work

You select a stencil of your choice – like the ones pictured here (choice of stencil designs will vary – depending on what I have in stock at the time). You then choose your favorite coloured glitter(s).

Your Glitter Tattooist will apply the stencil, add the special skin glue, then add your favorite glitter colour(s). The stencil is then peeled away, to reveal your awesome design!

Your Glitter Tattoo artist will need a weather proofed area (no direct sun, or wind). The approximate space needed is 2 x 2 metres.

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Some of our Glitter Tattoos

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