I’m extremely happy to announce that I have just past a Balloon Decor Exam, & I can now proudly say, I am a “Certified Balloon Artist”.

I know many of you are thinking “What – an exam, for Balloon Decor? – I never knew that there was such thing!”

Well let me tell you all the details.
Pretty much by me passing this exam, it shows that I have the knowledge, skills & brains to put together a design that is not only appealing in colour & style, but your design will not fall apart (when handled the correct way). It also shows that I know how to provide a good service.
So when you purchase a Balloon Decor Sculpture made from me, you can rest assure & know that you are going to get a good sturdy piece of Balloon Artistry.

The Exam entailed many hours of hard work.
3x Online test
4x Submission pieces of my work

I then had to fly interstate for the final stages of the exam listed below
30 minute face to face exam, answering more exam questions
4 hour practical exam, with 4 judges examining the way I work, & how I put together each piece of Balloon Decor.
The judges then spend another 30-40 minutes examining my balloon art, where they shake it & test it for it’s strength & stability.