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Thursday, August 15 2019
Who Is The Entertainer, Owner Behind Funny Face Entertainment?


My name is Kellie, and I am the founder of Funny Face Entertainment. I am the owner, the entertainer, Face Painter, Balloon Twister & office lady, so every time you make contact with Funny Face Entertainment, you will be touching base with me :) - Kellie.

If you need some professional advice, you can rest assure you will have an experts opinion, & I am always willing to recommend what I feel would work best in your situation. I will always give you my honest opinion, or strategy of what I have found works best, from my own personal experience, & I realise that everyone is unique, & we all have different interest, & like different things.

How did I become the founder of Funny Face Entertainment?

For my whole life, I have always loved painting & creating arty things, then as a young adult, I realised that I purely enjoyed making children happy, & the best way to bring them happiness, was to create "Colour & Fun for everyone" - which is my business motto.

Children learn through Colour, Play & Fun, so this is the best method to create a memorable moment, which they will remember forever.

My Beliefs

I believe that all kids deserve to be happy, & to smile everyday - especially on their birthday.

"Busy Kids are happy kids"!

I believe that all children should be encourage to use their own imaginations, & they are allowed to have a dream, & most importantly they should be encouraged to speak for themselves, as these are all the things which will eventually turn a child into an amazing adults one day.

This is the reason why I encourage all little people, to do all of the above, & then I like to let children challenge me to face paint anything that they are dreaming about.

When I get asked to paint a fairy, I don't paint what I have pictured in my mind, instead I ask the child a few questions

  • What's your favourite colour?
  • Tell me a little bit about the fairy which they have in mind.
  • Do they like flowers, stars, rainbows, strawberries, glitter, etc.

This then gives me the ability to create exactly what each child has imagined, it allows each child to speak for themself, & it encourages them to use their own imagination.

It also encourages them to be unique, & shows them that they don't have to follow what someone else has done, although if they want the same face paint as what someone else has painted on their face, I would always be more than happy to grant them that wish.

Face Painting, Balloon Twisting OR Games? Hmmmm - What Should I choose?

I have designed all my party packages, around what I have found to be the most popular, & have tried to cover all different budgets too; but I do realise that we are all unique, & sometimes require different things, or the timeframe required might not be something that really suits you, so I like to encourage everyone to tell me what they are hoping for, that way we can work together & come up with a solution that is going to work well, with your best interest in mind.

Where Do You Perform Now?

I am a full time performer, & I perform with both my Face Painting & Advanced Balloon Twisting skills for hundreds of venues, including, shopping centres, corporate events, holiday parks, Taverns, weddings, aged care venues & thousands of parties.

My main spot each week is at the "Benowa Tavern" every Friday & Saturday night, where children come from everywhere to receive either 1 of my colourful created balloon sculptures or a beautiful unique face paint design.

It is always a special night of fun for the kids, & even some adults join in on the fun (if I have enough time).

I also perform regularly at Bunnings Southport, Bunnings Nerang, over school holidays & for their events, & big Family Fun Nights.

What Has Prepared You, To Know How To Handle Children? A  Little History.

I have entertained children for over 18 years, so with many years in this industry, I have worked out, what works, & what doesn't work, this is very important, in every area, especially when organising games, for the right age group.

Over the years I have also earned my certificate III - in education support, & ran my own "Family Day Care Centre", this along with ongoing training every year in both Face Painting & Balloon Twisting workshops, & raising my own children, is what has helped me get myself & Funny Face Entertainment, to the high standard which it is at today.

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Thursday, August 18 2016

A dazzling party doesn't necessarily need to be over the top expensive, nor does it need to have the biggest & best of everything.  
Honestly it is about captivating a memorable moment which your child will remember & talk about for a lifetime.

I have been apart of some of the most exquisite parties, & I have also been apart of some very little quaint parties, & I know that the children at all these parties, have had an absolute amazing time, so it is not about the size, or the dollars spent, but it's about the special people who are there with them, & the environment that is created for them, so try & keep it stress free.   

Here are a few things which I would suggest to think about

  • Search Party Planning lists on-line, they are full of many helpful hints
  • Does the birthday child cope well in large or small groups best?
  • Before sending out invites, ask your child's closest friend/s if they are available on the date/s you have in mind
  • Find a good location for the party (somewhere safe, & weather proof),
  • Think about the attention span of the aged children attending your party, & make sure the activities & the environment are suited for them.
  • If you are booking entertainment, make sure you won't be disapointed with whom/ what you choose. Do your research, ask your fiends if they can recommend anyone. you may even have a local community facebook page which you can put the question out there, & see what response you get. when speaking to your entertainer or the company, ask to see pics of the entertainer in the costume which they are going to wear to your party (if they wear costumes), also request to see pics of their work...... I have heard way too many not so good stories, so make sure you do your homework. When you have chosen who you want to book, run a few dates & time-frames via them, to check their availability.
  • Do you want group activity entertainment - like games,  a show, craft activities, or would you like 1 on 1 activities, such as Face Painting, or yare you wanting to break the whole party package down & have abit of everything!
  • Decide on some suitable foods which will not generate hypped up children.
    Hypoactive children can not control themselves, & sometimes their parents can not control them either. Serving good wholesome food, will result in a much happier , calming, environment.
  • Decide on a party theme that the birthday child likes, or takes an interest in.
  • If the birthday child is old enough, let them have some impute into helping decide on a few ideas for the party, eg: theme, cake, decorations (don't give them control of the whole party, as they are not quiet old enough to cope with so many choices, & they can not understand the concepts, budgets, time & strategies which are needed to captivate everything, to get it looking good, & feeling complete to you.


Don't hold ridiculous expectations upon yourself,  & don't be afraid to ask reliable family members or friends for help. 

A lot of the organizing can feel unbelievably challenging, especially when you are still trying to lead a normal family life.
The extra stress can feel a little overwhelming, but I promise if you plan well enough ahead of time, & you stick to your budget, decide which area you are going to invest more money in, I'm sure your party will be sensational, & you will create the most amazing memories for your child to remember for ever. Isn't that the main aim "creating amazing memories, which are remembered months, years or forever".

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Tuesday, August 16 2016

I'm sure we all have a story or two to share about a devastating party, which went shamefully wrong.

I have heard thousands of party stories, & I think everyone likes to share their painstaking experiences with me, cause they know I'm the party entertainer queen, so the majority of the time, I will be able to help them out with a friendly chat over the phone, with some simple helpful advice, on how to tackle situations, or they simply might choose to book my service, cause they know I am the guru when it comes to this side of things.

Maybe the person who held the devasting party didn't look into things deep enough, to find what it was they were  hoping to achieve as an end result, for their childs party. Maybe they put too many expectations on themselves, & they purely didnt allow enough planning or time, or maybe it is absolutely impossible for any parent to be an expert in the area of  pulling off a legendary party for their child, cause it can be painfully stressful.
Actually I believe it is a combination of all of the above.
If you want your party to run as smooth as ever, you truly need to put an increased amount of time & thought into absolutley everything, & make sure everything is timed correctley.

At the end of the day, we all have to confess that we do all learn from our own painful mistakes, & other people's jaw dropping stories, so it's a good idea to take note of all the good & bad, & think of them as life-changing ideas for your future.

We are somewhat lucky these days, as we have so much on-line, which we can find at a click of a button, weather it be to research the a company or product, or how to make or produce something yourself. You can also view other peoples reviews & thoughts on a product,  which is a massive help.


In my eyes, I would alway go with companies, or products  of which I  have heard good things about.
Dont necessarily go with something because of their insane cheapness, cause you want your party/event to shine.
You want the day to turn out stressfree for you, & above all you want your childs party to be a dazzling day, which he/she are going to remember forever, & you want their friends to be captivated by the fun which they had at your childs party. This is what I believe makes an awesome party.

Think about where you really think it is important to invest your money, & what means the most to you.

I recently had a lady call me (who I have entertained her children with my very basic balloons twisted designs for many  parties over the years). This time when she phoned me she explained that she would normally spend the majority of her party budget on the venue, food & cake, but now that she has seen me in action at some of her friends parties, who had me entertain with my glamourous Face Painting & Astounding Colourful Balloon Twisted Designs, she got to sit back & observe how I was able to transform a room full of kids, with the power of my surprising, fun, entertainment, which left the kids begging for more, & the kids nearly crushed me with hugs upon my departure, so she has decided to put nearly all of her budget into the entertainment side this year, as she got to view how much the children where fascinated & excited with all the extra bits which I could do.

I have been entertaining children for over 18 years, so with all my years of knowledge, attend workshops, course & gatherings covering Childrens Entertainment, Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Balloon Decor & Business, I'm totally thrilled to be able to help people in the areas of which they feel they need help in.

When I attend my Face Painting, Balloon Twisting & Balloon Decor Workshops, Courses & Conventions, I get trained by artist in the field from all around the world, so I get trained by the best. I learn about many new products & techniques which are available, which will help make your party dazzle

I've learnt how to build an atmosphere, which will make every child feel special at the party. 
I've learnt how to control a line up of people, who are waiting to be served for my artistry, & how to avoid people from pushing in.
At these gathering I have learnt how to manage different situations in regards to working with children (& some grown ups).

Sometimes I have only a couple of minutes with each child, & during these few minutes I need to gain their trust, & I need for each child to feel comfortable & relaxed, so they feel safe about coming up close to me, to get their Face Painted or a Balloon Twisted Design.
I regularly have parents who tell me that I'm the 1st Face Painter which their child has ever let get close to them -which is so heartwarming for me to hear.

It normally takes a long time to get to know children - getting to know their likes, dislikes, & how they are going to behave in different situations & different atmospheres.
When you look at a school, day-care or kindy environment, the teachers get weeks/months to get to know each student, & to get their class od kids into a routine. I myself have to try & piece these things together in only a few minutes, or sometimes a couple of hours (depending on my event), & I have to try & pic up on the vibes which each child put out, to know what they will & wont feel comfortable with.


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Wednesday, August 10 2016

I'm extremely happy to announce that I have just past a Balloon Decor Exam, & I can now proudly say, I am a "Certified Balloon Artist".

I know many of you are thinking "What - an exam, for Balloon Decor? -  I never knew that there was such thing!"

Well let me tell you all the details.
Pretty much by me passing this exam, it shows that I have the knowledge, skills & brains to put together a design that is not only appealing in colour & style, but your design will not fall apart (when handled the correct way). It also shows that I know how to provide a good service.
So when you purchase a Balloon Decor Sculpture made from me, you can rest assure & know that you are going to get a good sturdy piece of Balloon Artistry.


The Exam entailed many hours of hard work.
3x Online test
4x Submission pieces of my work

I then had to fly interstate for the final stages of the exam listed below
30 minute face to face exam, answering more exam questions 
4 hour practical exam, with 4 judges examining the way I work, & how I put together each piece of Balloon Decor.
The judges then spend another 30-40 minutes examining my balloon art, where they shake it & test it for it's strength & stability.

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